How to count number of license for abss multi-user version?
abss Premier Plus User Pack has two options: 2-user license and 5-user license. On the other hand, abss Premier User Pack has single-user license and 2-user license, to which additional user license may be added. For example, if you will have 3 computers to run abss Premier, you may purchase a abss Premier 2-user license version and then 1 additional license. Every abss Accounting may be installed on only 1 computer. If you would like to install it on any other computer, each computer with abss Accounting installed should have an additional license. For example, if you have 3 computers to run abss Accounting, you may buy 1 single-user license pack + 2 additional licenses. abss Premier Plus, abss Premier, and abss Accounting do not provide location or corporate licensing. Sufficient user license should be purchased according to number of computer.
How to transfer data from Excel or other accounting software to abss?
abss supports data import and export in tab-delimited and comma-separated format. Therefore, when your Excel worksheet is saved as CSV (comma-separated) format, it can be imported into abss. Similarly, as long as your software can export data in tab-delimited or comma-separated format, abss will accept it. If you need help in this regard, we are pleased to provide you service in data format change.
Can users share abss data file?
abss Premier Plus and abss Premier allow data file sharing, i.e. different users can concurrently access or update data file of the same company. However, abss Accounting does not allow data file sharing.
How can abss data file be shared by different locations?
abss Premier Plus and abss Premier both support Terminal Service, which may be coupled with VPN connections to let users at different locations share abss data files.
Versions other than these two abss do not support Terminal Service. Sharing data files by different locations can be achieved through direct access over VPN connections, but slower access and less stable than Terminal Service performs.
abss Accounting does not support data file sharing, thus only one user at one time can open the data file even though multiple locations are connected.
abss Premier Plus / Premier / Accounting – which suitable to me?
abss Premier Plus differs from abss Premier mainly in having Payroll Management feature, while abss Premier differs from abss Accounting in having Time Tracking & Billing, Multi-currency Processing, Multiple Stock Locations, and Multi-user features. abss Accounting has fewer functions than abss Premier. Please refer to abss Accounting & Business Management Series Features Comparison.
What system requirement for abss?
System requirement for running abss is quite low: Intel Core 2 Duo (equivalent) @ 1.Ghz or higher, min 4GB RAM, and just 2 GB free hard disk space for program installation. Most likely, there witll be no problem of your computer bought within 5 years. Abss supports Windows 7/8/10 platform.
Is there local support?
Yes, there is. Any purchase of abss product through BEST can enjoy our 1-month hotline service for abss usage. BEST abss member can also enjoy our professional technical services and special offers. Click here to see more details.
Any abss courses?
Yes, there are abss Premier Plus, abss Premier, and abss Accounting elementary, advanced, and other courses.
Could I see a demo?
Yes, our Accounting Software Demo Centre located at Wan Chai may arrange demonstration and trial session. Please call us at (852) 2571 3381 for details.
Is there abss product for retail management?
Yes, abss Retail Series includes RetailManager, which are specifically designed for retail businesses.
Can abss use barcode system?
Yes, abss can use barcode reader instead of keyboard input.