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abss Demo & Training ScheduleStudents attend lessons in small groups. They will receive comprehensive training assisted by multimedia materials. We offer abss elementary and advanced courses, which are conducted in Cantonese with Chinese handouts and materials.

  • abss Course
  • On-site Training
  • abss Elementary Course

    Have you ever asked……

    • Why Excel ledger is less efficient than computerized ledger?
    • How to enter opening balances? Why do our A/R & A/P show discrepancy?
    • How to enter audit adjustment, and how the year-end closing be done?
    • How to avoid wasting company file?

    Any purchase of abss Accounting, Premier or Premier Plus through BEST will be granted to enroll to abss elementary course free of charge.

    Course objective : Describing the difference between manual ledger and computerized ledger. Elaborating how to create and activate a company file, perform daily operation, avoid common pitfalls, and enhance performance.
    Duration : 3 hours
    Tuition : in Cantonese
    Handouts : in Chinese
    Course Outline :

    1. Introduction
      1. Computerization of accounting system & its implementation
        1. Manual vs. computerized ledgers
        2. Preparation for transition from manual to computerized Ledger
    2. Creating & Setting up company file
      1. Create new company file
        1. Set fiscal year
        2. Set account chart
        3. Setup wizard to meet company requirements
      2. Basic operations
        1. Create & set up customer, supplier, inventory item card
        2. Command Centres interface introduction (Sales, Purchases, Banking, Accounts interfaces)
    3. Initialization
      1. AR, AP & GL
        1. Opening balance entry
    4. Company file activation & system maintenance
      1. abss registration & company file activation
      2. File modification
      3. Backup & restore of company file


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  • abss Course

    Have you ever asked……

    • How can sales invoice be issued before goods received?
    • How to tailor Purchase Order, Invoice, and Statement with the corporate style?
    • How to simplify entries of rental, water & electricity bills, and other expenses?
    • How to archive data of those after year-end operation?

    Course objective : Elaborating the functions of Purchase, Payroll, Banking, Inventory, and other modules, in order to convey a comprehensive understanding on abss, optimizing accounting department operation.
    Duration : Totally 6 hours in 2 sessions
    Tuition : in Cantonese
    Handouts : in Chinese

    Course Outline :

    Session 1

    1. Sales
      1. Entering different types of quotations, sales orders and invoices
      2. Editing and printing invoices, statement and receipt
      3. Bank register
      4. Related report printing and description
    2. Purchases
      1. Entering purchase order, goods receipt, bills
      2. Entering payment
      3. Related report printing and description
    3. Inventory
      1. Stock price and quantity management
        1. Multiple pricing
        2. Updating stock price
        3. Inventory adjustment
      2. Inventory location management
        1. Multiple location handling
      3. Related report printing and description

    Session 2

    1. Advanced management of GL
      1. Account chart setting
      2. Budget entry
      3. Journal entry
      4. Project management
    2. Report printing
      1. Financial reports printing & related analysis reports
    3. Setting new fiscal year
      1. Preparation for new fiscal year
      2. Entering audit adjustment
      3. Procedure of system setting for fiscal year


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  • On-site Training

    Our specialists may arrange to conduct on-site courses for comprehensive knowledge of abss functions and operations in practice, which are equivalent to abss Advanced Course.

    Duration : Totally 6 hours in 2 sessions
    Tuition : in Cantonese
    Handouts : in Chinese
    Number of attendance : Unlimited

    Fee : HK$6,000

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